So what's your name and where are you from?

I'm Elaine Cheng, from the humble little town of Adelaide in South Australia. If you're asking where I was born, well, I grew up in Shanghai, China. My mother brought me to Australia when I was 7. I am a Chinese-born Australian.


What is 'Fill Me In'?

It's my blog! I want to run a site that's more than just a portfolio for my work. I want to fill you in on my life, my thoughts, my Adelaide. After all, these are the things that inspire and influence my work. So just like filling in the pages of a sketchbook with colours and ideas, I want to fill in these pages with stories and inspirations. You will find many of these articles published on CityMag.


Tell me more about 'Famished Fridays'

Famished Fridays was a weekly series of illustrated articles that told the stories of local cafe / restaurant owners around Adelaide. 

It's all very well and good to write, critique, and rate their food, but I thought it was time that we give a little more credit to the inspiring individuals who make the food and kept Adelaide buzzing with excitement.

Only when we understand the people behind these places, their passions, and their philosophies for the business, do we truly gain a genuine appreciation and respect for their work and the food they make.

What do you do for a living?

I'm a graphic designer, illustrator, and muralist. I graduated from Flinders University in April 2016 with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Digital Media). 

Right now I'm working as a Designer at DoorDash in San Francisco. Previously, I was a Designer at Twitter, and before that, a Social Media and Design Intern at a startup called Gfycat.

Before I came out to the States, I had been working in Australia as Student Engagement Officer (Design) for FUSA, as well as a Graphic and Web Designer for Ennovative Digital.

When I was not at work, I spent my time painting murals and blogging for local businesses. All of this and being a full time student gave me the ability to juggle and balance a seemingly impossible amount of work, but really, it's what I live for!