Blog: Leucht State of Mind

Follow South Australian artist, Elaine Cheng, as she takes her sketchbook on a trip to America. Los Angeles, San Francisco, The Caribbean Islands. 

Calm before the storm


Today turned out to be somewhat relaxing. Got up late, admired the view from the backyard (note to self, must paint it before I leave), and had a few family reunions. I welcomed how laid back it was today, because my itinerary from tomorrow onward is packed to the brim.

Next up...

4 Days in Las Vegas

We'll be driving there early tomorrow morning.

For now, I've been enjoying the company of this little guy, Billy:


Our family's Pomeranian has become a favourite among many, it was out of the question to not draw this little snowball. 


Oh I could just stuff him in my bag and take him home...


So I am once again packed and ready to go. I'm coming Vegas.

Los Angeles, I'll be back!


Just on a quick note about my Leuchtturm1917 sketchbook, it is without a doubt, a huge improvement from Rhodia's notebooks. Leuchtturm1917 became a sure winner when I applied watercolour just now in the drawing above. The paper endured the paint much better than I expected, whereas previously my Rhodia notebook became harshly crinkled and thin, to the point where I had to place another piece of paper underneath so that the colours wouldn't bleed through the pages. The Sakura Micron pens have been an absolute delight to draw with, smooth and quick with a good grip. 

I will have to do more detailed reviews on all my tools when I get back! 

Thanks for reading!