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Follow South Australian artist, Elaine Cheng, as she takes her sketchbook on a trip to America. Los Angeles, San Francisco, The Caribbean Islands. 

A Grand Detour


Alas! I have finally found Internet. Now just for a quick update on where I am, yes I am in Las Vegas, but the wonders of the Grand Canyon were calling to us. We set out for Arizona, and spent 8 hours on the road to explore the Grand Canyon National Park. 


Let me just say that when we reached our destination, every minute of that drive was worth it. I've never been surrounded by anything so vast and powerful. The silence was magnificent. There is something so beautiful and comforting about feeling small and insignificant in this sweeping landscape. 


Honestly when it comes to travelling, I can't decide whether I prefer urban exploration or the wilderness, I love them all. 


We're back in Vegas now. I am writing this at 3am in the morning because I think I'm still living in Adelaide's timezone. I'll have to sit down properly to paint a picture of the Grand Canyon, this doesn't do it any justice.

Tomorrow, off to Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. I'll give you guys a sneak peek at what I've been up to in Vegas as well. 

Much love,