Blog: Leucht State of Mind

Follow South Australian artist, Elaine Cheng, as she takes her sketchbook on a trip to America. Los Angeles, San Francisco, The Caribbean Islands. 

Living Vegas


One day left in Las Vegas. When I say that I don't have an interest in drinking, gambling, or going to clubs, I get a puzzled look, "Why are you going to Vegas?"

It just started off as a tradition. We visit LA, we must drive to Vegas for a few nights. I do love the atmosphere in this city though, everyone is trying to have the best and wildest time of their lives, and the whole place feels surreal amidst all of this passion. It's a short-term escape for many, and only a home to very few people. I feel a little sorry for the city in this way.  


Shopping and food is what I come to Vegas for. Our first night started with the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace.


This place was an absolute delight. From the service to the quality and range of food on offer, everything was exceptional. You can expect to find almost any cuisine here, who doesn't want freshly made tacos? 


You can order a number of foods to be made on the spot, from crepes to ramen to steak and lamb chops, I cannot think of anything they missed in this place. And yes, there is oh so much seafood. Compared to the buffet at  Wynn, Bacchanal wins hands down.

If you are ever there, it is worth the visit. This is what I call a buffet. 


Some retail therapy to walk off the food. I'm not a big fan of all the brands on display but I still can't walk past Banana Republic. 


Cosmetics to finish it off. I'm extremely lazy when it comes to make up. I get engrossed drawing in my notebook and underestimate the amount of time one actually needs to put on make up. As a result, I'm running out of the house 80% of the time with a bare face. 

I've been looking for Urban Decay's Naked palette everywhere so hopefully this will motivate me to do better in the cosmetics department haha.