Blog: Leucht State of Mind

Follow South Australian artist, Elaine Cheng, as she takes her sketchbook on a trip to America. Los Angeles, San Francisco, The Caribbean Islands. 

In the Saints


After two days at sea, we arrived on the shores of Saint Martin. The warm humid weather was a pleasant change from the chilly air in the States. 


We boarded a boat to Anguilla island first thing in the morning, riding out the wild waves like a roller coaster.


From there, we spent the afternoon swimming with the dolphins. The trainers guided us through hand gestures, signals, and how to belly ride the dolphins. Honestly, nothing was more delightful than to be able to communicate and swim with these bright creatures


Next stop was Saint Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. I think I enjoyed driving through the hills to see the old rusty houses more than the touristy stores that lined the marina. 


You could see the little houses nestled among the greenery, situated on the side of the hills, comfortably roosting on the island.


One thing I love about travelling is being able to see the people. The locals going about their daily lives, the tourists marveling at a new world. There's always something new and fresh.

I'll be bringing you more photos later!

Much love,