Blog: Leucht State of Mind

Follow South Australian artist, Elaine Cheng, as she takes her sketchbook on a trip to America. Los Angeles, San Francisco, The Caribbean Islands. 

And It Begins!


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I love the airport. When I'm there, my head is always pounding with excitement and anticipation. To me, ever since I was little, it always meant a new chapter and new opportunities.


Dressed for max comfort in a pair of sweatpants and Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. I've always dreaded the excruciating hours I'd have to endure on these long flights, so from this day forth, I'm taking no more risks. The sneakers definitely did their job.


Air New Zealand had always been one of the airlines that I enjoyed. I could always be sure of their quality, but their service this time was downright disappointing. The flight attendants were rude and short tempered. I let this go on my first flight to Auckland, but their poor service continued to show on my connecting flight to LA.

It is such a shame because everything else was perfectly fine, from the food to the cabins to the check-in process, but when an airline cannot deliver one of the most important aspects of their service, it makes the whole experience rather bitter. 


I also spent a bit of the night drawing people sleeping on the plane instead of sleeping myself because I'm creepy. 


So I am officially in SoCal now (I suddenly remembered this phrase for 'Southern California' for some reason). I'll bring you guys a few updates on my thoughts about the Sakura Micron pens and Leuchtturm1917 sketchbooks tomorrow.

For now, sleep. And for you, keep a tab on this gallery or my Instagram:


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