The blog and weekly journal of South Australian artist, Elaine Cheng, as she travels through Adelaide, interviewing the local cafes and restaurants. Art, inspirations, and beloved products will be inserted here and there.

Mondays with Christina


When Christina messaged me asking for an interview, I was bubbling with excitement. I have been keenly reading her blog, The Curious Cosmopolitan, since it started running in March this year. The concept behind her blog is simple: to create a community and connect the strangers of Adelaide.

So when she asked me to be the next guest for her blog, I wanted to write about her as well. She has made a significant impact to my life.



We met at Monday's Coffee Store, a new kid on the block that has been on my radar since coming across this beautiful shot by Jonathan Innocent. Simple, clean, and bright, the store was seeping with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and sun-speckled pastries. We huddled with tea and coffee on the backbench near the open kitchen and updated each other on our lives.



Truth is, Christina and I go a few years back to when I was still in high school. Shy, reserved, and awkward, I had never worked a single part time job in my life. I only knew Christina as the elder sister of my friend at school. One day, she'd asked me if I was willing to take up a part time job as a waitress at their family restaurant. I choked. Me? Part-time job? Waitressing? People?

I realised I had to start working sooner or later. With sweaty fingers, I dialed her number and took up the job. I won't go into the details of my experience there, let's save that for another day.



Christina was like an elder sister to me at work. She showed me the ropes, gave me tips and hints, but most importantly, she pushed me to further my passion for art. 

On the days when the restaurant was quiet, she would show me her favourite lifestyle and design magazines and provided me with ideas on what I could do with my art. When the SALA Festival came around, she encouraged me to apply to exhibit my work and start selling. I wouldn't have even dreamed of doing such a thing because of all the doubts and lack of confidence I had in my skills. That year, I sold my first collection as a SALA artist.

Without Christina's encouragement, I would never have taken bigger steps to realise my dreams of working as an artist.



Now, seated on the stools at Monday's, she introduces me to a number of must-visit local cafes and galleries in town. Noticing how up to date she was with the local scene, I asked if she has ever considered moving interstate or overseas.

A confident shake of her head confirmed my guesses. ‘I thought about moving to Melbourne before’, Christina admitted. She had been bent on the idea of a bigger city with more opportunities but decided to abandon this plan after taking a looking at Adelaide’s growing industry.

She told me that this city is changing and growing faster than ever, Adelaide has never seen this many new innovative businesses pop up in such a short period of time, and she wants to be here in the heart of this boom, at the forefront, witnessing it all.



Her blog is a reflection of that desire. Inspired by Humans of New York (HONY), she wanted to cover the people of Adelaide on a deeper level rather than the short snippets HONY had to offer. Knowing an individual who is so passionate about Adelaide's future and the prospects of the younger generation, I can see this little city starting to flourish with big potential. 



I can't wait to see what The Curious Cosmopolitan has in store for us next. Be sure to hop over to her blog and take a good look by clicking here

Hope you're all making it through the week, two more days until Friday!


Much love,



P.S I'll definitely be back to Monday's for a Famished Friday review in the future!