The blog and weekly journal of South Australian artist, Elaine Cheng, as she travels through Adelaide, interviewing the local cafes and restaurants. Art, inspirations, and beloved products will be inserted here and there.

Inspirations: A Dying Art by George Butler


Before I jump into my latest muse, I want to say thankyou to everyone for your support. It's taken me a while to find my footing, I've started and failed so many times, but now I've found the direction I want to go, and the reason I want to draw and write and create.

There's a long way to go, and I'm so excited, I have so much to show you and so much to give. Thankyou for your support!

Moving on, here's an artist I've recently come across that has become my latest and greatest inspiration: George Butler. His TEDx talk on 'A Dying Art' encompasses everything that I've been wanting to achieve behind my artworks.

Hearing the reasons behind his work has made me realise what I've been searching for in illustration. So many times I have wondered... what difference would art make? What contribution can illustration make to our society? I was terribly unsure.


Now here stands an illustrator, a reportage illustrator, who captures the scenes of daily life and people for a purpose, who stands for illustration to be recognised as a legitimate form of documentation.


To me, he's shown me the importance in my work, and become a guidance for what I want to achieve.


What do you think about his speech? Who's your inspiration for your work?