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Life Lessons: A Guide to Drying a Wet Camera

camera title.jpg

Today, I want to share a lesson I've learned from a tragic little incident that happened last week. This is me sitting alone with a bucket of rice in public.


I was running around doing interviews for my food truck article when... I pulled out my drink bottle to find that the lid had come off and water had spilled over everything in my bag. I immediately took out my camera to see that it was wet. In my panic, I tried to turn it on. It never did.

Despite all the turmoil, I sat down with Rob from Burger Theory for an interview. After telling him about what had just happened, Rob immediately handed me a bucket. The team from The New York Deli truck gave me two bags of rice. Next minute, I had my camera buried in a bucket of rice, drying away. Bless these people.

So there I was, this Asian girl sitting at a table with a bucket of rice.

Say goodbye to this little guy... You've been a wonderful companion.


The point of this blog entry is, I never had experience with wet electronics. I panicked and made a million mistakes.

So here's a little guide for you, dear reader, or my future self, so you won't be that next human bean sitting in a corner, brooding over rice in public.


With all that said, I was out of action for a week. Things are back to normal now that I have adopted this beautiful Olympus OM-D E-M10. I'm just so grateful that my favourite lens wasn't damaged...


I'm buying a new water bottle. 


What about you guys? What's your method for drying out wet electronics?