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The personal blog of Elaine Cheng. Here I share my experiences in Digital art, working with watercolors and drawing in graphite. I will also be talking about the people I meet and things that inspire my work.

Doodles and Travels: Kyoto 2014


Taking a quick break from my digital work, here is a collection from my sketchbook:

My first visit to Japan

It was only this year that I stepped back into trying traditional mediums. I have not been able to stop since, and may even admit that I enjoy working with pen and paper more than a tablet and computer. 

So now I am filling up my sketchbook with doodles from my travels and daily life. I need a lot more practice but I love how much more character a pencil and some ink can give to my work. 



I'll pin up more photos from my Japan trip below. Enjoy!

Be prepared, winners for my giveaway competition will be announced tomorrow night!

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