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The personal blog of Elaine Cheng. Here I share my experiences in Digital art, working with watercolors and drawing in graphite. I will also be talking about the people I meet and things that inspire my work.

Coffee, Cake, and Exhibitions


What have I been up to since August? 

Three of my artworks are now displaying at my favourite local cafe, By Blackbird as part of the 2014 SALA Festival.

I was pondering over the act of withdrawal and restraint. Feelings and words that people wish to control and refuse to let out. They build, grow, and manifest inside us. They become our greatest burden.

Tools: Indian ink, Palomino Pearl pencil, Iroshizuku ink, and Lamy Safari fountain pens.

Originals are available for sale at By Blackbird (frame included). Prints are available, please contact me if you are interested.

If you are in Adelaide, do go and check out the cafe, this is the place where I can sit for hours doodling in my sketchbook with a cup of coffee or tea and freshly baked pastries. The owners are the kindest and most entertaining people you'll ever meet. More photos to tempt you:

By Blackbird

44 King William Road Goodwood, SA 5034 Australia

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I would also like to apologise for the time it is taking to announce the grand prize winner for my giveaway, shipping delays were not part of the plan. On a brighter note though, I've stashed a pile of fancy packaging materials for the prize winners, get ready for some epic photos.


Lots of love,