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The personal blog of Elaine Cheng. Here I share my experiences in Digital art, working with watercolors and drawing in graphite. I will also be talking about the people I meet and things that inspire my work.

Drumroll... Giveaway Winners are Here


Hey everyone, I have just picked out the five lucky winners for my Moleskine notebooks. Apologies for my lateness, the random selection process took longer than expected. Here are the names:

Aaron Fickling

Alexander Gu

Vivien Tsang

Preesan Pillay

Gabriel Polychronis 

Congratulations! These names were chosen out of 100+ entries. Winners will be receiving a Large Hard Cover Classic Moleskine notebook with an exclusive illustration of my work from 'The Petting Zoo' collection.


The Grand Prize Winner will be chosen after all my collections have been released. Stay tuned!



Much love,