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The personal blog of Elaine Cheng. Here I share my experiences in Digital art, working with watercolors and drawing in graphite. I will also be talking about the people I meet and things that inspire my work.

First Release: Personal Collection (2013)


With the closing of my giveaway comes the opening of my gallery. 

Here is my first collection release: 


These are five of my favourite pieces completed from last year to early this year. As the name suggests, they are personal. I did not plan, I had no aim; I just needed a place to vent and my canvas let me.

I endeavour to continue improving this collection! For now, enjoy.


Entries for giveaways are now closed.

A huge thankyou to everyone for your support, I could not tell you how much you have all inspired me.

Winners will be announced on August 1st.


Here's some flowers in a hat for you all :)

Lots of love,