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The personal blog of Elaine Cheng. Here I share my experiences in Digital art, working with watercolors and drawing in graphite. I will also be talking about the people I meet and things that inspire my work.

The Crane Wife Collection (2013)


I had the pleasure of working on an Honours film production in my first year at university. These three posters were my favourite out of the work I did as a concept artist. It was fun to try something slightly dark and twisted for a change.. 

Here's a sneak peak of my work process from The Crane Wife image.

I start brainstorming ideas for the poster by sketching quick thumbnails. My only focus is the silhouette and composition of the subject and the overall layout. Yes they're ugly but I'll let you see them anyway...




After that I jump straight into the painting. Here is a work in progress example:


More details on the film

The Crane Wife (2013)
Directors: Jordan Agutter, Luke Bartholomew
Art Director: Hannah Sitters

Stay tuned, I'll be doing the draw for the giveaway tonight, winners will be named on Friday!

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