National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day


The aim was to, of course, celebrate pizza, and highlight the enjoyment of eating at home. So I started thinking about scenarios where people would normally order pizza. 

I realized that pizza was one of the first and most common foods that was being delivered before anything else. It was what started this culture of takeaways and eating at home. In fact, it was always the go-to option in most takeaway scenarios. So I decided to go with the line, 'pizza was always there for you'. #PizzaAppreciation



Deciding on one specific idea for the banner was difficult because there were just so many different ways of utilizing this food (see my weird thumbnail doodles in the first image. I was tempted to draw a pizza chilling on the couch, watching Netflix). In the end, I wanted to highlight the delivery aspect, since that's what DoorDash is about.

Here are a few GIFs I mocked up:

The varieties and choices we have for pizza is also quite special, so I wanted to have several of the pizzas change toppings constantly as the lids opened and closed. I went with the third option because I liked the idea of having the text always sitting in the centre of the frame. This allowed me to create a looping animation.



The next step was just a matter of creating each asset and preparing them for the animation. Photoshop and a Wacom tablet was used.

I would have liked to have added more details on the pizza boxes, perhaps promoting four restaurants on DoorDash by featuring their logos on the box and one of their pizzas. Otherwise I'm quite happy with the result. Many of these assets are big enough to be printed on an A4 sheet of paper, I thought it would be cool to make small flyers / coupons with the designs to hand out when the dashers deliver the pizzas on National Pizza Day.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it.

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